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Wot, no boat!

That's right no boat. Well, no sailing boat, but there is a boat, in fact at least 5 boats and maybe more, the difference is they're all ferries. For our latest adventure we decided not to sail, for a couple of reasons, the first and most important one is that there are Greek islands we want to explore and spend more time on and you can never really do that sailing. The second is that the Cyclades, the group of islands we're going to, is becoming ever more challenging for us as a sailing destination. For those of you who have read previous blogs sailing the Cyclades will always have bad weather (big winds) and many, many parking issues. So it's time for a change of vessel, a ferry.

We're back to the Cyclades because we love this group of islands more than any in Greece. The Cyclades numbers about 220 islands stretching South East from the Saronic Gulf (the bay where Athens is) towards Turkey. They are roughly circular centred around Delos, one of the most important islands in Greek Mythology, in fact the whole of the Cyclades is shrouded in ancient history and Greek Mythology. Out of the 220 islands there are only 24 which are inhabited and only 4 that we're going to, Naxos, Paros, Koufonisia and Folegandros, although there may be additional day trips to Antiparos (where Tom Hanks has a house) and Iraklia (a day trip from Koufonisia). Here's a map.

Our adventure is spread over 4 weeks, with Airbnb appartments on each island, ferries between and a couple of overnighters at Piraeus (the main port in Athens). All in all there's a fair few moving parts, but honestly what could go wrong!

As always I'll try not to bore you and only post if I think I've got something worthwhile or amusing to say. Our taxi picks us up at 4:30 tomorrow morning and we'll be in Piraeus in time for tea and in Naxos in time for a lunch time Gyros (much more about the wonderful Gyros soon) on Saturday.

More soon,


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