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What kind of photographer are you?

I think that most photographers end up specialising.  They become interested in something and that becomes their passion.  It might be portraits, landscapes, sports, travel, architecture, street or macro - the list is long.  

For me I've struggled to find an identity for my photography.  I love travel, landscape, portrait, street and macro.  So then I wonder am I just a bit of a 'generalist'.

Here's the answer I think.  I was recently in Scotland at the moment which of course included a beach walk.  The walk was lovely, there was some sun, and it being Scotland, some big skies.   Big interesting skies.  Whilst I was taking pictures it made me realise what made the skies interesting.  Light. 

I love the effects that light creates.   It enhances colour, creates contrast, depth, shadow and warmth.  For me it has a magical effect on any photograph and is the thing that interests me the most.

So am I a 'generalist' that's yet to find a niche?   No, the effect light has on the things I see is what makes me grab my camera.  It's what drives my photography more than anything else.  So that's what I am, I'm a light photographer.

I'll end with a few piccies, on all of these I just love the effect the light has created.

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