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Victualling, Tolga and Yilki

I'll try to keep this short as we have an adventure we need to get cracking on with and I'm sure you've got plenty to do. Victualling is a very boaty term which dates back to Middle English, Normanish, meaning to provision a ship (or yacht in our case) with sufficient nourishment for the crew. In our case this means shopping at one of many supermarkets in Gocek (all small but have pretty much everything a Tesco Extra would have) who will transport your victuals to your ship (yacht) for free. For us that's such essentials as water, vegetables, fruit etc. Here's an example.

Sorry, wrong picture, of course we wouldn't consider a Shisha pipe on a yacht (more of that later.....perhaps), and this isn't a picture of a Shisha pipe we sampled in Gocek, oh no, we wouldn't do that! Here's what the victuals really look like.

So we had our boat briefing and handover from Tolga who is the Base Manager for Irmak Yachting. Tolga is possibly the best Base Manager I've ever met, bearing in mind I've met a lot. Friendly, helpful and takes the best care of his boats and customers - we know, we've experienced how good Tolga is before (we chartered a boat called Vega from Tolga in 2016). If you want to rent a yacht in Gocek, get one from Tolga at Irmak. We may meet Tolga on our trip as he might need a ride to Kastelorizo to get his Schengen Visa, which will be our pleasure. Tolga (one work mode picture and one possing for the blog).

And to finish, here's Yilki, our home for our adventure.

We're off to see more old friends tomorrow at Kapi Creek, just down the road (by boat). Kapi Creek, like most places around here, has an interesting story. But more of that tomorrow.


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