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Two weeks tomorrow

It’s almost a year since our last Greek Odyssey in the Cyclades, the largest chain of Greek islands. They consist of over 200 islands of which about 30 of which you can visit by boat. They’re called the Cyclades because they’re in a rough sort of circle (if you half close your eyes and squint!) centred around Delos with it’s huge mythological significance and famous for it’s phallic statues (no, really, google it!).

I think it’s fair to say that we greatly underestimated how much we could do on on one trip and ended up not seeing most of the islands in the South including Santorini (although the marina was silted up and to shallow for us to get in).

So, two weeks tomorrow we’re off again. This time the plan is to get down south quickly and enjoy more of the islands around Milos, Paros and Naxos. We can pick up Folegandros and hopefully Santorini as well as favourites from last year like Syros and Kithnos. We already suspect two trips won’t be enough but we’ll do our best! Once again we’re sailing in company and meeting chums on two other boats, who are enjoying two weeks in the Peloponnese before meeting us in Kalona on Kithnos. Difficult to imagine a better place to meet chums for a gin & tonic on the first day of your holiday. Piccie below is from last year. Trust me we know how lucky we are!


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