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Time to head East (or South, or South and East)

We've been here for nearly a week now so it's time to make a break for it and head East, well, more like South and East. The weather is perfect tomorrow (no wind, if there was wind it would be in your face, on the nose) so it's onwards to Kalkan, Kas, Kastelorizo, Kekova Roads and Ucagiz.

But before that how's the first week been? It's our first time in Turkey for 4 years so we've really spent the first week catching up with familiar places in Gocek Bay and the Gulf of Fetihye. The places haven't all seen changes for the better, Wall Bay yesterday is now more like a 5 star resort for visiting tenders from gin palaces. It used to be properly rustic and ooze local charm which unfortunately it's lost. A couple of piccies to give you an idea, it's lovely but probably not for us on a sailing trip.

We spent 3 days in Fetiyhe which has grown enormously, but at it's core it's still the same. Fetiyhe is a holiday destination and holiday resort and it has probably the biggest gullet (a traditional design of a two-masted or three-masted wooden sailing ship) and trip boat fleet in Turkey. More than that, Fetiyhe is also a working Turkish town, once you're in the old town you feel like you're properly in Turkey. It is busy and is an assault your senses, but we love it. A few piccies.

We've had good food all week, but the best was at the fish market in Fetiyhe. The market is set in a square, surrounded by restaurants, the idea being that as well as buying your fish you can have it cooked by one of the restaurants. We had Sea Bass and 12 large prawns for a starter, £12, and another £10 to the restaurant for drinks, salad and to cook the fish. It was delicious and just a proper spectacle sitting and watching the comings and goings of the Fish Market. A couple of piccies of the Fish Market.

I'm afraid we did let ourselves down and had two Sisha's in Fetiyhe, not in our favourite bar, Car Cemetry which has sadly closed. Our favourite flavour so far? Watermelon and Mint, give it a go!

So, the week's been brilliant. Loads of sailing in very nice winds (10-15 Knots), just 8 engine hours logged. Anyone who's followed previous Greek sailing blogs might have noticed there's been no parking stories, we've got none really, Turkey is fabulously easy for parking (apart from Kalkan so let's see how that goes tomorrow). And to end the week we were at one of our favourite places on the planet, Karacaoren (see previous blog).

That's it for now, more soon,


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