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The Toy Dinghy

As you've probably guessed by now, we love Yilki, not just because of the fridge-freezer, but for lots of other reasons as well. Yilki might be a bit old, but she's a fine boat. As an aside, on the subject of fridges on boats, they generally consume a lot of power, so if left on without shore power they will drain the battery. This is not a complete disaster as yachts have 3 batteries, one reserved for the engine, one for the VHF, which is above the water line so you've got more time to radio if you're sinking, and one for everything else, including the fridge. So imagine my surprise when our massive fridge freezer didn't seem to drain the battery that much, indeed sticking the engine on twice a day for 30 minutes means we can have it on all the time. I was just remarking that to Ellison who said 'do you think the solar panels are charging the battery'. 'Y'ilki's got solar panels?' I said? I kind of knew that as I'd seen them when we got on the boat but forgotten, I'm really not very bright. The solar panels.

Back to the subject in hand, the toy dinghy. The worst thing about Yilki, and it's not her fault, it's Tolga's (Irmak base manager), is the pathetic tender (dinghy). As many of you know from previous blogs, I have a hatred for dinghy's and outboards, they are the cause of most woes at sea. There are several problems with this dinghy, it's really, really small, barely big enough for two people. This makes it even more unstable than usual. Two other minor problems are that the dinghy is sinking, not quickly, but you need to make sure you take a bailer with you on any journey in the wretched thing. It's also got an air leak in one of the tubes and needs regularly blowing up. Altogether the whole package is an unpleasant experience. Yilki's tender, which I have to say looks much better than it really is.

We've spent 4 nights at anchor now, 2 in Gokkaya, a night at Polemos, and then a final night in Kekova at Ucagiz, which is definitely the most peaceful and serene place so far. I managed to get up early to catch the sunrise at Polemus which is straight into the anchorage. Here's the sunrise and a 360 video of Polemus.

As I write this we're on our way back to Kas having had our best evening so far at Hassan's restaurant. At usual the food was great and Hassan, his wife and daughter are such a lovely welcoming family. If you're ever in the area make sure you go to Hassan's, you won't be disappointed. Even better we didn't have to use the dinghy, Hassan gave us a speed boat trip (which I think he secretly likes doing) Here's Hassan the speed merchant.

More soon as we start to head back to Gocek, first stop back to Kas tomorrow.


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