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Girls Can Drive Boats Too

Of course they can! I would suggest that girls can drive boats every bit as well as chaps. It's therefore surprising that of the boats we see going through the locks when we're lock keeping probably less than 20% are helmed by ladies.

There's a reason I raise this as that has also been the case for Ellison and I. Ellison wasn't confident and I've done a fair bit of steering boats, (albeit I wouldn't class myself as anything special, I've made plenty of mistakes and continue to invent new ways of messing up on a regular basis) so I usually steer.

However things of changed as a result of a shoulder injury Ellison has which make rascally lock paddles difficult. So Ellison has been practising steering and today helmed Umbrellas through 6 locks at Stoke Bruerne. Guess what? She was brilliant!

Now Umbrellas is properly sea worthy (not sure what the correct expression is for a narrow boat) we want to get out and about to enjoy her. BUT our task list is big and getting bigger, however none of them should stop us being out on the water. So let's just call them 'enhancements'. Our solution to deal with these enhancements is an 'on the road' project box. Here's ours, have you got one?

"What's in the box?", I hear you say. White spray paint to paint overpaint the hideous 'brass' inside ceiling vents, Fertan (I have lots of de-rust projects on Umbrellas, currently tackling the lockers), broom handle holders, vinyl and assorted accoutrements that might be needed to accomplish the projects.

Have we got time for this as well as going somewhere? I doubt it, but we certainly won't be bored, and yesterday, mainly because it was raining we did make some progress.

More soon 🙂


Saturday was a monumental day for our 6 year old Grandson, Ted. Lots of firsts. His first go on Umbrellas, his first go at being First Mate and his first time through the Blisworth Tunnel. Then once at Stoke Bruerne he got to be a junior lock keeper. Safe to say Ted had a proper Blue Ribbon day. I'm normally cautious of posting pictures of family but in this case I can't resist.

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