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The People of Vathy – Day 2

So we've spent a day exploring and relaxing in the tiny fishing village of Vathy, which is a beautiful tranquil place, but it's the people that make it really special.

The people of Vathy seem mostly to be called Manolis, the owner of the Taverna at Little Port Vathy where we had such a nice meal is Manolis, his father and the harbour master are also called Monolis. Chatting to Sevi, Manolis’s wife, she commented she’s surrounded by Manolis’s, but with a smile on her face, so maybe it isn't all bad. We honestly found everyone we met at Vathy to be perfectly lovely but also happy and happy to see us, you really felt like it wasn’t just about getting our money.

Talking to people in Vathy you realise they have quite a hard life, it's a struggle. Manolis at Little Port Vathy Taverna is also a sheep farmer, or at least some of the sheep wandering around on the hills are his. He also has a tangerine grove, but it’s clear that these multiple occupations don’t make him rich, he needs them to survive. Here’s Manolis (Taverna owner) and Sevi.

We were welcomed when we moored up in Vathy by Manolis the harbour master, an eccentric character, who as well as taking 15 Euro’s for water and electric is a sponge diver, selling his wares at a stall next to the harbour. This Manolis also has a small pension he rents out to make ends meet. As with Manolis the taverna owner he also obviously isn’t doing these multiple jobs to get rich, he needs them to survive. Here’s Manolis the harbour master on his sponge stall.

For all these Manolis’s and their families COVID has made life very much harder, without tourists it must have been close to impossible to survive. But what amazed me was their stoicism, they’re still smiling, not complaining, hoping things will be better this summer. These people are survivors, and I for one was happy to give them some money.

A couple more pictures of Vathy, we will be back,

Stay safe,


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Unknown member
Jun 23, 2021

This sounds so lovely, I want to buy a sponge and eat that food and see those things! You should be a travel writer! We've all retreated into our homes for so long that I think we've forgotton whats out there.

More please...

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