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Some of our favourite places in the world

We’re off to Turkey tomorrow picking up SusiJJ from Gocek and cruising the Gulf of Fethiye for a week with chums. Ellison and I both feel like we need an early autumn tonic, to step off the world just for a few days. Sailing does that for me, I feel at home as soon as I step onto a yacht and casting off on the first day is like leaving the real world behind.

The Gulf of Fethiye is sailing ‘homie’ for us, we know it well, which is brilliant for a week, we relax straight away. We already know where we’re going on the first day, it isn’t to far and we don’t need charts or a chart plotter to get there. The downside, of course, is that a week isn’t long enough and there’s just too many gorgeous places to go, so we already know we’ll have to leave places out.

If you’ve read our blogs before you’ll know we normally sail on our own but this week we’re very lucky to be sailing with two of our favourite chums. They mentioned some time ago they fancied a go at sailing and whilst they’ve since done a weekend in the Solent (on a crowded smaller boat), this is their first proper go. We can’t wait to show them some really special places and sights – Gocek, Fethiye, Kapi Creek, Cold Water Bay and more. They’ll enjoy the buzz and charm of Fethiye, see rock tombs, the home of an Albino princess, a deserted Greek village (in Turkey!) and maybe swim with turtles. Most of all we hope they’ll fall in love with sailing.

We’re renting our home for the week from our old friends Portway, managed in Gocek by Erkan who is just the best, so we know SusiJJ will be a good boat. Here she is, a Jenneau 42i, a really nice home and a really good sail.

And here’s the Gulf of Fethiye.

Day 1 tomorrow, can’t wait,


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