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Sailing in Scotland, you must be joking!

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Sailing in Scotland has always been on the list. The problem is it always gets rejected in favour of warmth. It costs the same to rent a boat in Scotland as Greece or Turkey, so for us it never happens, warmth always wins.

Then there was Covid. Holidays in Greece and Turkey postponed and having loads of spare leave here we are in Scotland. Now we’re not daft, mostly the weather here had been crap so we didn’t plan in advance, but luckily we’ve found a week with settled (currently) weather.

So to look for a boat and I think we’ve found something perfect. The description is a polar opposite to what we’d normally look for. A snug cabin, central heating, a cockpit tent you can erect in 5 minutes. All useless in the Med but great in Scotland. Sorted tomorrow we pick up Midnight Mirage a Moody 376,  more details to follow.

Where are we sailing? No real plan, just around the Clyde Islands (map below). Kykes of Bute, maybe a bit of Loch Fyne. Nice area, loads of fantastic scenery, and pretty protected from nasty Atlantic swell. No plan but the first day is booked in Port Bannatyne marina on Bute.

More tomorrow, we’re very excited.

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