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Puerto De Mogan and Gran Canaria

Having had a fairly long hard day getting to Puerto Mogan from Tenerife we had always decided to stay for 3 nights. This meant we could spend the first day mooching around Puerto Mogan relaxing and enjoying what is a pretty and charming harbour. We planned to hire a car for the second day to see some of the rest of the island. We then planned to sail back to Tenerife the next day as a stopover to La Gomera, which would also give the base a chance to have a gander at the jib clew and my jury rig repair. As usual with this trip the weather had other plans. The weather forecast for a return trip on Sunday wasn’t bad but the wind was un-characteristically from the South West – on the nose all the way back. Whilst the wind wasn’t bad, 15-20 knots, we wouldn’t have been able to sail if we wanted to leave and arrive in daylight and I know full well 15-20 can easily turn into 20-25 which would have been a very bashy uncomfortable and slow day. So as the weather is much better on Monday we’re staying another day.

So, what did we think of Puerto Mogan? None of it is very old, but around the harbour and beach it is picturesque and charming. Nice place to sit in a cafe, bar or restaurant and watch the world go by, which is exactly what we did on Friday. Well, apart from a fair bit of walking exploring the place. Some piccies to show you what it’s like….

Yesterday, as planned, we hired a car. Really easy, called to book one, it was delivered and collected and cost only 35 Euros. Copied my driving license, didn’t even take a deposit! Our plan was to drive Las Palmas, about an hour away, but on the way, after going through more tunnels than I’ve been through in my life, Ellison suggested a small detour to see the famous sand dunes at Maspalomos. The dunes are impressive, but the beach, WOW, never seen a beach like it. Just the biggest expanse of golden sand I’ve ever seen! We both said when we’re too old to sail we could spend a month in the winter here. Could you?

On to Las Palmas, which when we arrived at the outskirts looked like a very unappealing, massive urban sprawl. We parked at the marina which is the biggest I’ve ever seen but has been full all week. Suspect it’s got way too few visitors berths which are usually full! We’d planned nothing so went straight to a cafe to google stuff to see in Las Palmas. Turns out there is an older centre of town with a catherderal, interesting buildings etc. So off we headed, walking, however I stuffed up and set us off in the wrong direction. 2.7Km later we worked it out and then walked 5.4Km the other way, that’ll be why we walked over 27,000 steps during the whole day! Once we found the interesting bit we liked Las Palmas quite a lot. The pictures below give you a flavour.

So, today, Sunday, we’re kind of mooching again but have been for a walk around Mogan’s archaeological site Canada De Logatos. We were probably more interested in the views of the harbour than the archaeology, but as a bonus at what looked like a viewing platform, there was a cafe. Got talking to a really nice couple and ended up staying there for 2 hours.

Back at the boat, off for another walk to a viewing platform the other side of the harbour, the maybe a drink in a bar before a quiet night in. Need to prepare the boat for an early start back to Tenerife tomorrow, we’ll be off as soon as it gets light. More later.

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