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Praia de Manuel Lourenco to Praia do Evaristo - 2.5Km

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

This is a beautiful walk and takes in some very nice scenery, it isn't long but is scrambly in parts. It won't take you much more than 60-90 minutes there and back. It is mostly on a rough sandy path, and for the scrambly parts you will need to be fairly agile, if you use a walking stick or have joint problems (hip, knee etc) then this probably isn't the walk for you. The 2.5Km, there and back, is very approximate, there are multiple paths you can take, either made by previous walkers or by the rain and you will want to make a diversion or two to take in the scenery.

Take care of the sandstone cliff edges, if you take a wrong path some end at the cliff edge. The cliffs are eroding so don't go to close to the edge. The sign below is everywhere and is serious. Also take care of any fencing, mostly it isn't to be trusted.

As much as possible I'll include piccies so you know you're on the right track. Start and end point car parks are:

At the West end of the walk the car park is next to the beach at Praia de Manuel Lourenco. You get to this car park down a track which looks like a private road (see piccie below), it isn't. If the car park next to the beach is full there is a much bigger car park at the top of the road.

The path to the car park and the car park:

At the East end of the walk the car park is next to the beach at Praia do Evaristo. There's 3 separate car parks and plenty of parking.

I'm going to start the walk from Praia de Manuel Lourenco. Walk down the steps to the beach past the restaurant. There is no path behind the beach so you'll need to get sand between your toes to reach the East end of the beach and the path that leads up the hill away from the beach. It's easy enough to find, you're heading for what looks like a small wooden fence (but is actually a wooden bridge).

And here's a view of the beach from the wooden bridge on an unusually cloudy day, and a view from the path a bit further along the path past the bridge.

The path past the bridge is easy enough to find and follow, although there are at least two options, either a path closer to the sea or one a bit further back. I always go for the path closer to the sea with the best views.

You will then cross another small wooden bridge, the view from which is worth stopping to admire although I wouldn't trust the railings.

The path continues past the bridge through a wooded area and onwards on a sandy path.

You will pass a promontory which affords great views but take car of the fenced off area.

Continue on the path to get a nice view of the next beach, Praia da Balbina. I believe Balbina is a girls name which actually means stuttering or stammering. Anyhow regardless of the name it's a lovely beach, as you can see from the piccie.

The path is a slight scramble down to beach level where you can either cross the beach or carry on along the path at the back of the beach. The path affords no views, it just avoids getting sand between your toes so for me it's the beach every time. Whilst on the beach, as usual I took a few piccies including one of a friendly fisherman giving me a wave. Turns our the wave was not friendly and neither was he.

At the far end of the beach you can re join the path which now climbs and leads past another beach which almost joins onto Balbina. This is the view looking back at both beachs.

Keep going until eventually you'll come to left /right choice, something like the piccie below.

The path to the left goes up a moderately steep hill to skirt around a ravine, the path to the right takes you across the bottom of the ravine. Neither is difficult but the path across the bottom of the ravine is a bit more scrambly. Both have lovely views, just different. I walked across the top on the way to Evaristo and across the bottom on the way back. This is a view from the top of the ravine which gives you a better view of how the land lies.

This is what the path looks like going up the hill around the ravine, you can just see a fence in the distance which borders the W Hotel, this is what you're heading for.

Once at the top, after taking in the marvellous views, carry on along the path where you'll find steps down the hill, bordering the W Hotel grounds, towards Evaristo in the distance.

At the bottom of the hill you'll find the Evaristo beach car parks and the end of the walk. Evaristo beach is fantastic when there's big Atlantic rollers are coming in with the waves crashing on the rocks. It is really impressive and one of our favourite places for a picnic, just to watch the sea.

On the way back if you cross the bottom of the ravine turn left off the path that goes up the hill, as the piccie below shows. There are a myriad of different paths, which I won't attempt to explain, however it's relatively easy and not to hard going.

I'll leave you with a view of Evaristo beach looking back from the East.

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