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Praia da Gale - 3.7Km

Praia da Gale is part of the vast, continuous 5.5Km stretch of beach between Albufeira and Armacao de Pera. Behind the beach are extensive sand dunes and board walks between them and the beach.

This is the third of 3 circular walks which are part board walk and part beach. The 3 walks cover the beach between Armacao de Pera and Gale, which whilst a continuous stretch of of sand is 3 seperate beaches, Praia Grande, Praia Salgados and Praia Gale. You can combine the 3 walks to make longer walks, do any 2 adjacent walks as a 'figure of 8' or just do the board walk or beach if you prefer. The third walk covers Praia da Gale Leste (East) and Oeste (West). If you walk the beach section it will be easier towards low tide, not within 2-3 hours either side of High Tide. That being said there is no possibility of being cut off on the beach at High Tide. The beach is vast and impressive, the board walk adds variety.

There are places to park at either end of the walk, the google links and a couple of piccies for which are shown below. Finding either car park isn't obvious but Google maps does work to these links.

Parking at the Eastern end of the walk:

Parking at the Western end of the walk.

For the purposes of describing the walk I'll assume you're starting at the Easterly end at Gale, and doing the walk in a clockwise direction (beach first). The walk starts at the right hand side of Pedras Amarelas restaurant with a short board walk and steps down to the beach.

At the end of the board walk you'll see a large sandstone rock from which there is a great view of the beach. Walk along the beach towards the west and Armacao de Pera, which you'll see in the distance. Gale beach is littered with sandstone rock formations which are continually pounded by waves from the Atlantic Ocean. Even on a quiet day these can be impressive. Gale beach is also a popular spot for surfers to add extra interest to the walk.

Continue walking along the beach for about 1.5Km until you reach Salgados restaurant.

Leave the beach on the board walk at the left hand side of the restaurant then just before you reach Salgados car park (see reference at the start if the walk) take a path on the right over flat sandy ground.

Follow this path, parallel to the beach, towards the board walks in the distance. You'll also see a metal tower in the far distance which actually a radar tower to used by the Portuguese police to prevent smuggling. When you get to the board walk you'll see these steps.

Climb the steps turning right onto the board walk and after a short distance turn left to walk on the board walk parallel to the beach. Continue on the board walk for about 0.2 Km when you'll arrive at a car park. Half way alone the board walk is a seating area which is a great place for a picnic or to enjoy the sunset (there usually is one!).

Once you get to the car park you can carry on along the road parallel to the beach then on a path back to the starting point of the walk. However I prefer the walk back along the beach, another chance to see the Atlantic rollers and waves crashing on the beach and rocks.

From the car park there's a board walk back to the beach, past a beach cafe. This is a view from the beach looking East, the building in the left of the picture is the beach cafe you walk past to get to the beach.

From here you can head East along the beach back to the start point and Pedras Amarelas restaurant. Some piccies taken from the walk.

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