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Our First Old People Bigger Road Trip

Anyone who knows Ellison and I well knows that travel is a big part of our lives. Warm is also a big part of where we gravitate too (excepting Scotland). Not a surprise then that more and longer travel is planned to be a big part of getting old, at least until we can't physically manage it. Travel and warm seems to fit with not being in England during our least favourite winter months of the year, so a gentle start to our first old people bigger road trip is what we have in mind. Here's the loose plan.....

A drive to Portsmouth today, Valentine's day, and an overnighter in the sumptuous Travelodge which is a huge £39 a night and has two redeeming features - a nice large clean bed and also that it's next to the big ferry terminal (that's the terminal for the big ferries destined for further than we've been before on a ferry). The proximity to the ferry terminal is key because we're booked on the 9:00 ferry to Santander (Spain, I think) and we have to be there at 7.30 latest, although we'll be there earlier. The ferry is the nearly new Galicia, just over a year old and because of COVID barely out of it's delivery shrink wrap.

The ferry is 30 hours and gets in at 2:30 ish the day after tomorrow. We've then got a short drive (550Km ish) to Porto to meet chums for a 4 day short break. Never been to Porto so really looking forward to that. Then on Sunday we're off to the Algarve (Albufeira), another short hop of 550Km ish for a 4 week languish in the slightly better climate of what we hope will be 20 degrees and mostly sunny.

No idea what we'll do in the Algarve, but there will be plenty of exploring and chums visiting from England for a week.

No idea where I'm going with this blog, but will try to blog only if I have something interesting to say or show you.

I leave you with the weather forecast for the Bay of Biscay. What could go wrong. Ellison, where's our Dramamine!


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Feb 15, 2022

Enjoy Porto - we only did a day .along the front (bottom of the hill) where the trams go is a wonderful antique & arty place with an indoor and outdoor cafe - so great for a rummage around old things if that interests you! Check out the building next door for an interesting art made from them chipping off the plaster! bon voyage ! Lisa & Paul

Feb 15, 2022
Replying to

Thanks both. 🙂

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