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Oops, We bought a boat

I'm not an impulsive person by nature, especially when it comes to big purchases. Very often a spreadsheet will be created and the Internet consulted, in some depth. Things will be thought through, considered, so an objective decision can be made.

But events of the last year have made me change that considered approach. Ellison and I have an elderly relative who moved into a care home earlier this year. The care home is lovely but its not what our loved one intended for the life savings that were so hard earnt. More recently we've lost a close relative who was too young and it was to soon. It was very very sad.

These events inevitably make you re-evaluate your life, especially as Ellison and I are both now retired. That leads us to one conclusion. Best get on.

So, we've done the only sensible thing you can do, we've bought a boat. Pretty much on impulse (subject to survey, we're not entirely daft). We've not trawled the market, no spreadsheet, no over thinking if it makes sense, viewed it once and bought it the next day. Don't get me wrong, in boat terms this is not an expensive boat by any means, but it's a lot of money for us and for sure is the biggest impulse purchase of my life.

The key determining factors in this impulsive decision were as follows:

  1. We have the money to buy it (it's called SKI ing, or spending the kids inheritance, you thought you were getting money when we're gone but you're actually getting a boat).

  2. It's in a marina with a two year waiting list that's less than a mile from our house. The boat comes with a marina berth.

  3. It's got bunk beds for the Grandkids.

That's it, I'm sure there's loads of things we should be thinking about, many of which I will probably blog about. But guess what the main thing we're thinking about now is :

Where shall we go first?

I know you want to see the boat, so here she is, Umbrellas, we're keeping everything crossed the survey is good because we love her already.

More soon.

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Paul Hayden-Hart
Paul Hayden-Hart
Dec 30, 2023

Lovely looking boat 😃

Dec 30, 2023
Replying to

Thanks Paul.

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