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Ooo, Baby Baby

First evening thought we’d pop down to the port to find our home for 3 weeks, BABY. Great name! Lavrion is quite big and has loads of boats, none of which were called Baby. How odd? So we went to dinner, first calamari and shrimp saganaki (big prawns with tomato and cheese sauce – lovely!). During dinner I checked my chapter paperwork which suggested Baby was actually in Olympic marine, 3 1/2 Km south of Lavrion!

After a good sleep and a conversation with George, the base manager, it turned out Baby was indeed in Olympic. No drama but significant phaffing and several taxis to get the luggage there come back to Lavrion to shop then get the shopping to Olympic. Also much phaffing with Baby, tis the usual way, was it clean, how soon could they clean it, turns out it was clean, when could we have our briefing, just alot of time checking inventories and looking for any damage. Eventually all done by 2.30.

So we cast off at 2.45 for our 25km journey to Kolona. I cannot explain how magical it is leaving on a boat, it really is like leaving the world begin behind. Instantly most things that you thought mattered don’t (excluding loved ones and friends of course!).

The journey was uneventful, but not what you’d choose for a first day. Wind 20-25 knots most of the way and very lumpy seas. We motor sailed (sailing with the engine going as well) to get there as quickly as possible, which turned out to be 6.30.

On the way our chums called to say Kolona was rammed and had a fair bit of swell so we decided to divert to Marikha, a few miles south.

We had an easy park, big hugs with our chums, cleaned up, had our first g and t party on Bill’s boat, then dinner at a really delightful taverna on the beach. All in all a top first day!

For sailing chums Rod Heikell does not enthuse about Marikha enough, it’s a delightful little village, pretty, lovely beach, just charming. A good alternative if Kolona is too busy and I imagine there’s always room. Very helpful harbour master.

A couple of piccies of Merhika and our first sunset, although I missed the actual sunset because of the g and t party 😁😁.

Onto Sifnos tomorrow,


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