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My Happy Place – Day 1

I’ve probably mentioned this in a previous blog but for me when you cast off the lines on the first day of a sailing holiday it’s like you’re casting off the troubles of the world. Your world is now the boat. So this year the effect of casting off was magnified by 10.

Today we left late, boat briefings and getting ready always take longer than you’d like. Today there were a couple of boat things that needed sorting as well, in particular the zip on the spray hood (this is a tent like ‘hood’ that in effect creates the same thing as a car windscreen at the from of the cockpit, it protects you from bad weather, a bit) needed replacing. One was rustled up in 30 minutes, made or robbed from another boat I’m guessing having been in the same position myself many times before on a turnaround day.

So didn’t leave until 4:15 and decided to make the short hop to Vathy on the South East of Kalymnos. Not much else to report other than the delight of the journey and a fairly tricky park in Vathy, made easier with 4 on board and some great advice from locals on shore.

Some pictures, my happy place shortly after we left, Navionics showing the routing, Corfu with two lovely ladies enjoying some refreshments (I believe it’s referred to a wee sharpener in Scottish vernacular) and one picture of the boats tied up in Vathy.

Vathy is tiny and just delightful, a place you’d never go to unless you were on a boat. The plan tomorrow is probably to head to an anchorage on the North East side of Kalymnos called Palionisou, then get up early on day 3 to make the jump to Astipalyaia.

More soon,

Yamas and stay safe.

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Jun 21, 2021

Looks amazing, as does the weather! Couldn't believe it when I noticed that they'd got your braai up and running for you. Grilled sardines perhaps, with a couple of jugs of vinho verde? Enjoy.


Jun 20, 2021

I feel as though I'm there with you. Keep the blogs coming please.

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