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Lavrio here we come!


I’m writing this first blog entry on the plane to Athens, the first part of our journey to Lavrion where our yacht Danae eagerly awaits us.  Lavrion is the start of our Greek adventure cruising the Cyclades, just us, Danae, blue skies, blue sea and an obscene amount of gin.   Oh, and we’re sailing in company with chums on two other boats who no doubt will feature in future blogs.  You might be asking, why the blog?  Well, there will be pictures of a new beautiful Greek island every day,  so rather than risk annoying everyone on Facebook we’ll stick them in a blog so you can choose to look or not 😊.  For any Greek friends reading this I apologise the blog is in English but I’ll at least start and finish in Greek!  The author of each entry will be nameless so you’ll have to work out which one of us wrote it 😆.

So,  this is my first time in the Cyclades and Ellison’s first time in Greece.   The Cyclades is supposedly a challenging sailing area but the forecast for the first couple of days is sunny and bugger all wind. At least it’ll ease us in, give us time to work out how to sail again 😎.

Some of you will be unfamiliar with the whole boaty thing and for some cruising will mean a whole different thing!  Cruising on yachts is a bit like a floating camper van holiday. The format is simple, a new place almost every day, which hopefully involves a sail and which may or may not be a mini adventure depending on the weather, parking the boat  (the most challenging part of sailing), maybe a gin party on the back of a boat, a taverna, sleep and repeat.

And the floating camper van?  Is a Bavaria 40 Vision, for those of you who are technically minded it’s fairly standard, fractional rigged, steering wheel, engine, pointy at the front and rather annoyingly for me has a furling main 😩 for the non technical it’s got bedrooms, a lounge, bathroom, kitchen, hot water, a car radio with an aux port and most importantly a fridge.

And the Cyclades?  No one seems to have heard of the Cyclades, which is a large island group, south of Athens on the way to Turkey.  There’s a lot of islands in the Cyclades which kind of circle (hence CYCLAdes) Delos, (very important in Greek mythology, where apollo was born).  The islands are about 90 miles north to south, ending in Thira, better known as Santorini (Google for some of the most iconic pictures of Greece).

Think that’ll do for now, bit of reading snoozing to do before Athens and then we need to find the bus to Lavrion.  And here’s a picture of the bus!

 And here’s the cute little airbnb house we’re staging in tonight.


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