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I know what I want to be when I grow up.

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

A ferry driver of course, but not any old ferry, it has to be something a bit special. Some of you may suggest this thinking is a little late, however when I suggested this to my loved ones my eldest daughter's response was 'WHEN you grow up 🤣🤣', so I guess there's still time.

Today is moving day again, for the last time this trip, we're off to Φολέγανδρος (Folegandros) and our mode of transport, of course is a ferry, but we've transitioned to something a bit smaller and nippier, Seajet's Supertjet, a Hydrofoil that I definitely want to be the driver of when I grow up. These things whizz around at 35 knots ish and unlike bigger ferries, if you're the Captain you get to drive it yourself. What a job!

Since the last blog we've done mostly what we planned to do in Koufonisia, a lot of not very much, other than enjoy Koufonisia, including some beach time and a swim in probably the clearest, bluest sea you'll find anywhere. We did also pop over for the day to another island that's been on our list for a while and which is difficult sailing to, Iraklia. Iraklia is just an hour from Koufonisia on the Small Cyclades ferry so we were able to pop to Iraklia for lunch, look around the village and catch the ferry back.

I was reluctant to us the Small Cyclades due to a sailing incident 4 years ago when it nearly ran us down. It was bad weather and the ferry would have ploughed into us if we hadn't taken evasive action. Did he not have priority? Absolutely not, we were sailing and he should have changed course. I was of a mind to have it and out with the Captain, a punch in the face was not out of the question, but Ellison persuaded me otherwise.

So, what of Iralkia? It's charming and very, very quiet. If you want and solitude on a beautiful island then this could be the place for you. We also had the best Mousaka this trip for lunch.

Dinner last night had to be a Pitta Gyros, first one in over a week, from one of the most unique taverna's anywhere we've been, the famous Gyros window of Koufonsia.

We're a bit sad to be leaving Koufonisia, which is without doubt one of our favourite islands. I'll finish with two piccies which give you an idea why. The bay which is the centre of the main village, with the clearest, bluest sea anywhere and the windmill we've been looking at all week from our balcony with pretty much a perfect sunset every day.

More soon,


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