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Day 9 – How many Commodores, Skippers and Harbour Masters does it take to change a light bulb?

The answer is quite a few, and certainly loads to sort our the electricity for Bill’s boat. Bill reported this morning his electricity wasn’t working (as an aside we call Bill and Christine Commodore and Lady Commodore, hence the title of the blog, don’t really know why, we just felt we needed a Commodore). The electricity points in Greek harbours are generally excellent, meeting all EU electrical and safety standards. The ones (that work) are also conveniently co-located with water taps. They are top notch facilities as you can see from the picture, honestly what could go wrong!

It was a puzzle as you can see, we unplugged this plugged in that, swapped cables, connectors. Each time Bill would be dispatched back to his boat to report and each time his head would appear from the depths of the boat saying “no, still not working”.

Eventually the harbour master decided there couldn’t be anything wrong with his fine power distribution stantions and it must be Bill’s boat. I jumped on Bill’s boat to help, because of my supposed greater experience of such things (you can’t expect a Commodore to get his hands dirty). I plugged the connector back in which had become dislodged (probably at a cocktail party) and all was well. Sometimes you do wonder.

Today we are still holed up because of strong winds, no boats have left and more have arrived. The harbour is rammed. So we took a water taxi 3 beaches along to Pori. The journey was a tad rough even though the boat was significantly bigger than Les Troyens. We’re going nowhere until things change, probably later tomorrow or Tuesday. But hey there are worse places to be than Pori as you can see.


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