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Day 8, 9 and 10 – Adhamas, Milos

There’s a lot of stuff to see on Milos, so we always planned on staying 2 nights,  we also knew in 3 weeks we would probably get storm bound at some point, and so it proved to be the case on Milos.  We arrived from Sifnos Saturday afternoon, no problem, in fact no wind and no sailing.  Moored up no problem, stern to on the pontoon, in our case with an anchor.   For sailing chums a couple of points to note, there are some lazy lines, in fact it’s clear at some point the whole pontoon was rigged for lazy lines, but as they’ve been broken they’ve not been repaired.  For that reason is a good idea to drop your anchor at least 30M out to avoid lazy line stuff on the sea bed fouling your anchor.  A second point is that there is a significant swell from the ferries so leave a gap between you and your neighbours and adjust your position so your mast and spreaders are separated.  There is a harbour master who is very helpful.   Nice lady 😊  Before arriving at Milos we already knew the forecast was for strong winds Monday Tuesday so part of the plan was that if you’re going to get stuck somewhere Milos is a good place.   As it turned out the winds arrived early so we should able to get out on Tuesday.

One of the things Milos is famous for are small fishing boat garages which are the cutest things ever.   Here’s a picture we took on the way in.

Whilst here we’ve been able to see our fourth Chora, Plaka, which gave us great views of Milos, the main bay of which, like Santorini, is an extinct volcano.  Over the last two days we’ve also much enjoyed mooching around Adhamas, and definitely enjoyed it’s tavernas and ice cream shop 😊😊 as well as the usual G and T parties and just generally chilling. During one such sorie it had become apparent that Bill is obsessed with Micky Flanagan and his’out out’ sketch,  ‘I just popped out for a pint of milk and now I out out’, it is funny.   So feeling the need to name our little flotilla we’re now out out 2017, and have tee shirts to go with it.

Back to Sifnos and a place which is reportedly the most beautiful bay on the island, Vathi.  It’ll be good to get on the road again 😊😊 in the meantime a couple of pictures of Milos.


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