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Day 7 – Kalotiri

Kalotiri is a huge bay on the Northern coast of Amorgos the bay is actually nestled up to an uninhabited island called Nikouria, almost connected to Amorgos except for a narrow shallow channel at it’s Northern end. Kalotiri is a perfect chill stop after a couple of busy days in Katapola. We had a very relaxing afternoon, a great dinner on Bill & Christine’s boat. This of course meant launching the dinghy, mounting the outboard etc, which all went surprisingly well, as did the outboard!  The big bonus of a deserted bay though is the night sky with no light pollution – wow!  The piccie below is of our cockpit table lighting, rather classy LED lights in a Tangueray bottle.

The only slightly annoying thing about Kalotiri was that when we arrived we were the only boats, a cat (catamaran) then arrived and parked near to Bill then another boat close to him – and the bay is huge as you can see.  Nonetheless they weren’t as close as they look in the piccie below.  Also a piccie of Les Troyens at anchor and the dinghy (usually called the b**tard  dinghy but since it’s behaving it’s “son of Les Troyens”).

After saying the Nikouria is uninhabited it’s not quite, there are loads of goats and bee hives as well as a cute little church on top of the hill at one end of the bay (think I posted a piccie last year) which this year was open. So I lit a candle for Nancy (we always do when we can).

As write this we’re back in Koufonisia, holed up in preparation for strong winds tomorrow, which have started today (currently gusting 26 knots). We could tell as soon as we left Kalatiri as the sea was lumpy (from winds in the North East). This made for a more challenging park and a bow thruster prop wrap on Bill’s boat. More about that tomorrow.

We’ll be holed up on Koufonisia until the wind dies down, which works perfectly, the harbour is safe and there’s hardly anywhere better to be stuck than Pano Koufonisia.  🙂


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