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Day 7 & 8 – Tomb Bay, Domuz Adasi and back to base

We had another very pleasant sail to Tomb Bay, albeit it wasn’t very far from our lunch stop in Seagull Bay. Not sure why it’s called Seagull Bay, other than there’s a very large chalk Seagull on a hill in the bay, but it is one of our favourite places in Gocek bay.

The lunch stop was actually 4 hours, a couple of bottles of blush wine, a very nice village sausage omlette with chips and several swims. Just love the med this time of the year the water is like bath water.

The taverna in Tomb Bay has moved and had a significant upgrade. It has lost some of its falling apart charm but now has splendid facilities (loos and showers). It still has tables by the beach which meant we had a lovely evening. In fact we went to the taverna shortly after mooring up and didn’t leave until after dinner!

Today, our last day of freedom, we left Tomb Bay late morning to anchor off Domuz Adasi for a long lunch followed by a final sail before heading back to Gocek.

Parking nearly became a problem, after anchoring I jumped into the dinghy to take a long line ashore and just as I did so the wind changed and blew Susi JJ sharply sideways onto a neighbouring gullet. This in itself wasn’t a problem, after a bit of bow thrust I managed to get the line around the rock and pulled myself back to the boat.

By the time I arrived the gullet crew were helping, however in the fending off process Rosie got her hand caught between a rail and the gullet. I think it hurt more than she admitted but fortunately it looks like no real damage has been done.

It just goes to show how quickly things can change, and my mistake was to leave the boat to take the line ashore. But no harm done, and much thanks to the crew of Deniz Yildizi 2, who once again have proved that gullet crews don’t deserve the bad rap some people give them.

Just one blog entry to do tomorrow to sum up the fine time we’ve had and a couple of piccies of tomb bay.


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