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Day 6 – Sarsala

Yesterday we had the most idyllic sail over from Karacaoran you can imagine. One tack and enough wind for 5 knots all the way. As always we furled the Genoa to motor through the narrow gap back into Gokec bay, then unfurled to sail the last 3 miles to Sarsala.

We nearly had a complete train wreck parking, because of the cross wind and the way we were given the lazy line (the line that attaches to a concrete block on the sea bed which you use instead of an anchor). The lazy line got caught around the keel and if not for a good bow thruster we would have ended up side to on the pontoon. However we dropped the lazy line, started again and all was well second time round.

Sarsala has had a serious rebuild, and as with tomb bay has lost some of its rustic charm, however it remains a beautiful place as you can see from the piccies below.


Safe to say we’ve had a fine time at Sarsala, the best meal so far washed down with 4 bottles of blush wine.

More soon,


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