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Day 6 & 7, Kamares, Sifnos

We decided to spend two days on Sifnos, it’s just too lovely to cut and run after a day,  loads to see and although the island has a well heeled feel about it, it doesn’t take anything away from its beauty and it still retains a good measure of charm.

The journey from Serifos to Sifnos was only 12 miles and for us windless so we motored all the way.   Our chums on Joy left two hours earlier and had a ripping sail in winds 15-20 knots,  but that’s the way the sailing cookie crumbles!  Mooring up was no problem,  given help from Lefterus the harbour master, with plenty of space on the quay.  A note for sailing chums,  there are underwater rocks at the quay which does stop you getting to close especially at the western end nearest the ferry quay.  Also bear in mind the ferry wash causes a swell pushing you onto the quay so there is risk of clattering your rudder on the rocks.  The pilot guide said the holding is ‘fair’ so with the other issues in mind we laid plenty of anchor chain and had a very well dug in anchor.   The down side to all of this is that you end up with a maximum length gang plank on a high quay.   It really does feel like walking the plank!

The harbour at Kamares is quiet, with a small row of tavernas and cafes on the water front, followed by a sweeping bay of crystal clear turquoise shallow water (knee deep for some way out). There is a beach all round the bay with golden sand giving it almost a Caribbean feel.  At the far end of the bay are a couple more tavernas and bars and a beautiful church on the hill.

One of the other attractions on Sifnos is a 3 village Chora, the main one of which, Apollonia, is stunning.  We got the bus there yesterday afternoon,  did a lot of walking,  mooching and enjoyed the scenery from a cute little bar playing old jazz.   You could happily while a week away in Apollonia.

There are other villages worth seeing on Sifnos, but with the bay at Kamares and Apollonia, we will have to leave that for another time.  However that may come sooner rather than later if the weather forecasts are accurate, we might have to hole up for a couple of days on Sifnos on the way back from Milos, no bad thing 😊😊

Our mini flotilla is still working well with pre dinner gin and tonic parties loads of laughs and good company.   We are lucky to be sailing in the company of really nice people.

The sun’s got his hat on again, we’re back to blue sky, light and vivid colours as you can see from the pictures below.  You can really start to do justice to a place like Sifnos.  Just can’t wait for Milos 😊😊


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