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Day 6, 7 & 8 – IOS and Schoinousa

One of the best things about a sailing holiday is that you really do leave the world behind. As I write this post my office is a cafe overlooking the harbour in Mirsini on Schoinousa (piccie below), one of the smaller islands in the cyclades. I have to think what day it is and have no idea what’s going on in the world outside of this bubble of paradise.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, first a little about IOS, famed for being a party island. The question I ask myself is how did that happen? The main harbour at IOS is unremarkable, and the Chora, a couple of miles up the hill must have been as quaint and charming as others we’ve seen. It still retains its maze of narrow streets with their traditional Greek paving but is now lined with bars and night clubs.

As we sat having a drink in a Cafe, late afternoon, I noticed opposite was a cocktail bar, advertising the usual all day happy hour 2 for 1 shots. Much too early for the shots crowd the customers were all elderly Greek men. I suddenly realised this was their Kafeneia, they had probably been coming here for years long before it was a cocktail bar. They must all still wonder what the hell happened.

So that’s IOS, a place to get provisions but not too linger. Although it has to be said we did have a great meal in a restaurant in the next bay to the harbour, shortly to be spoilt by the ‘far out’ clubbing resort opening on June 14th. Just one piccie, the church is impressive.

Day 7 was a 20 mile or so journey to the serenity which is Mirsini. We swam this morning from the beach in the harbour, we had the beach to ourselves. We walked to the village last night and had the best meal so far. This was our view.

We were planning to moves to Amorgos today, but Bill has a neighbour who has laid his anchor over Bills (due to an inconsiderate Cat which has anchored right in front of us). We figured this was enough of a hint to stay put for another day. You can see why.

Time to do some more serious passage planning as well, there’s a potential for strong Meltemi winds Monday so we need to be within striking distance of somewhere safe.


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