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Day 5 – Livadhion, Serifos

The sail to Serifos from Kithnos was uneventful and not very exciting sailing wise.  We motored down the west coast of Kithnos, then as we rounded the south of the island to point at Serifos we picked up enough wind for a slightly tippy sail (5 knots ish) for 8 miles ish.  The wind died as we approached Serifos so we motored the remainder of the 18 miles and anchored on the outside of the harbour wall.  It’s a big protected bay so we weren’t bothered about being in the harbour particularity because it’s a mess.

For any sailing chums reading this, the harbour is modern, seems well set up but is in fact un-staffed and left to deteriorate.  No power and broken lazy lines un-repaired.  The harbour sea bed is reported to be chains and concrete mooring blocks.  Where there’s no lazy line, if you drop an anchor attach a trip line or better still anchor stern to on the outside wall.  We arrived at Lavidhion at about 4.30 and after tying up met our chums in a bar for a libation.

As seems to be common on many islands in the Cyclades, Serifos has hilltop Chora (village) so after a drink in the bar we took the local bus to the Chora. Wow, as with Kea, the views are stunning and the village amazing.  Island hopping just to see these villages, whether by yacht or ferry makes for a spectacular holiday.  If you visit the Chora at Serifos, make sure you walk up to the churches at the top.

Back to the harbour for dinner at the skipper’s dock was excellent – the food in Greece is definitely improving.  On to Sifnos and the southern Cyclades tomorrow, and whilst the light was poor (cloudy), these piccies are not great but might give you an idea of Serifos.


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