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Day 5 – Karacaoran

A very spendid 24 hours have been spent in Karacaoran, no turtles unfortunately, but plenty of swimming eating and relaxing. We think the turtles have eaten all the weed and gone elsewhere, at least when snorkelling there’s not a weed on the sea bed to be seen.

The taverna at Karacaoran is rustic in the extreme, it looks like it won’t make the end of the day without toppling into the sea, as you can see from the piccie below, however it has been there for years. And the food, the view and the company yesterday evening were the best.

Karacaoran saw another sailing skill box ticked for Andy who now has his dinghy spurs after successfully captaining the unruly child of SusiJJ and it’s erant outboard this morning.

Well it’s off too Sarsala now, the boats on Autopilot, happily sailing along at 5 knots at a very comfortable 60 degrees (fine reach) off the wind.

Some piccies of the beautiful Sarsala and Babadag in the distance.

More later,


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