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Day 5 & 6 – Amorgos and a change of plan

We’ve just had two very perfect days, a perfect sail from Pano Koufonisia to Katapola, the capital of Amorgos followed by a perfect day looking around the island. But before that have a look at the piccie below to see if you can spot anything. The beautiful sea in the background perhaps? How blue the sky is? The skipper’s got a beer (again). No wait, that’s it, the skipper’s got hairy chops. My only excuse is I forgot a shaver and yes I do have the first mate’s permission. Like it?

Last year when we visited Amorgos we said it’s the island that keeps giving, and it really does. The bay around Katapola is really special, the chora is charming and so peaceful and the monastery of Hozoviotissa is truely bonkers and leaves you awe struck. We saw all of these last year but this year to add to them is the drive from the chora to the second port of Aegili which has to be one of the most impressive of anywhere in Greece (my close family should be proud of me as I drove it and it is not only spectacular but in places terrifying).

One other difference in Katapola this year was the weather. Last year we were storm bound and had big issues with crossed anchors, this year was pretty benign and we had no real parking issues. All in all we much enjoyed Amorgos, had some great food and probably spent a tad too much time in Mythos (the bar behind the boat). A couple of piccies of our 2 days below.

By the end of day 6 we had agreed a plan to leave early the next morning for Astipalia. 45 miles and a safe harbour for strong winds forecast for Saturday. However an early morning chin wag with Bill, who had looked at the forecast again, it was apparent that the not only were we going towards bad weather (and away from good) but also because of a switch from Southerly to Northerly winds, getting back from Astipalia could be tricky. We could end up being stuck there for a week! The piccie below shows the weather forecast (with wind barbs, they point in the direction of the wind, small barbs are 5 knots, big barbs).

So Saturday is 20 knots but gusting to over 30. The winds aren’t a massive problem in themselves but we are on our holibubs so why not stay where the weather is nice! So as I write this we’re anchored in a delightful bay 7 miles North West of Katapola. Pretty desserted so who knows,  might even be some skinny dipping later. No piccies of that I promise!

Maybe a nice sunset instead and a piccie of us with clothes.


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