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Day 4 – Kolona, Kithnos

This has to be one of the most beautiful anchorages in the world.   We arrived at 3, anchored without issue, had a late lunch of quesadilla’s, one of Ellison’s specialties and absolutely delicious.  We then had a quick dip, which this time of the year is invigorating, the med hasn’t quite warmed up yet and then just chilled for a bit.

As we were free swinging (at anchor, not connected to the shore) we needed to launch the tender and mount the outboard on it. A boats tender will often have TT followed by the boats name, TT standing for ‘Tender to’.  Danae’s tender has no such thing, mainly because calling it a tender is over stating things, it is after all a dinghy.  Now dinghy’s are often errant and their outboards even more so.  They’re difficult to get in and out of, difficult to control, wet and often sinking (leaking).  All of these difficulties can be multiplied in the dark when the occupants are under the influence of alcohol.   Those are mainly the reasons most accidents at sea are dinghy related.

Now we usually call our dinghy tender son of X, X being or boat name, so this holiday our dinghy is named son of Danae.  We launched son of Danae without problems, it just involved sliding it off the coach roof.  I quickly discovered the seat wasn’t fitted and to fit it the dinghy needed to be deflated, therefore son of Danae will remain seatless.  Next to fit the outboard, which means man handling it from its fixing point on the pushpit (rails round the back of the boat) into the floating wabbly dinghy. What could go wrong! Obviously the outboard could end up at the bottom of the sea.  Not done that yet, touch wood, and today fortunately is no different.

So outboard on, and it started fine, so off we go for a little jaunt to see our chums to make plans.  10 yards out the outboard stops.   I wear myself out pulling the pull cord, but nothing.  We row over, have a natter and agree that Bill will pick us up to go to the taverna.   After rowing back to our boat I have a fiddle with the engine, still won’t start.   I check the fuel (the base had assured me it was full), but can’t see because of the anti syphon thingy (outboard’s have no gauge).  So I take the lid off but can’t see if the plastic fuel tank is full or empty.   Just in case I fill it anyway and the outboard starts first time 😠😠

We use our dinghy in the evening (Bill’s outboard wouldn’t keep running) and all fine going to the taverna, we beach son of Danae and have a top meal overlooking the bay watching the sun go down.  About 9 ish we head back to the boats.   The outboard won’t start.  😭😭😭.  I don’t spend to long fiddling (it’s dark and we’ve all had a couple of drinks) so we row back.   For that reason, as is often the case, son of Danae is now called bas***d son of Danae. I also discovered today that Bill is the worst rower the world had ever seen!

Now for a couple of piccies of Kolona and son of Danae.


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