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Day 4 – Cold Water Bay & Ali

We had a great sail to Cold Water Bay, managing over 6 knots for much of the way and only lost the wind for the last few miles. However today’s blog is about Cold Water Bay and the owner of the taverna there. Meet Ali.

Ali is a character for sure. He told us he’s got 8 children and can’t remember how many wives, however his current wife, from Thailand is called Lek and is lovely. Ali is a qualified yacht master and spends much of the winter skippering in Thailand or the Caribbean.

But the really amazing story is about Ali’s taverna. This is what I was told. Ali originally built a taverna on the beach, the remains of which are still there. But he had no license so the building was torn down and Ali went to prison for 2 years. Undaunted he built a second taverna, with a licence about 200M up the side of a very steep hill. The taverna and the views are amazing. Some piccies.

To build something like would impressive anywhere until you consider there is no road to Cold Water Bay. Then you realise how incredible Ali’s achievement is.

I’m not sure how much material came by sea but anything that did was hauled up the steep slope by two donkeys, Frank and Pavoroti (I’ve never asked him but I’m guessing Ali is a music fan). Ali only has Pavoroti now, Frank went to a family in the village. Pavoroti, Ali tells us, is now 35, and the day we were there had hauled up produce for the traverna, Ali said 12 trips. However he is well cared for and lives in a lovely house half way up the hill. Meet Pavoroti.


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