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Day 3 – Fethiye and a blue ribbon day

Yesterday was truly a blue ribbon day for a couple of reasons. Firstly, based on the forecast, we weren’t expecting much of sail. But as soon as we got through the narrow gap between Tersane Adasi and the mainland there was enough wind to sail. It was in the wrong direction so we had a downwind sail due north before gybing to go East towards Fethiye. Eventually we had a proper tippy sail, with at one point the boat became over powered and rounded up (turned into the wind).

The blue ribbon bit was that Andy helmed all the way, all points of sail, and he’s hardly been on a boat before, he loved it and I loved seeing him enjoy it.

The other reason for it being such a top day was because of something I’ve been planning for a while. Fethiye was one of our favourite stops on our first holiday, and our favourite place in Fethiye is a bar called car cemetery. This made it the perfect place to propose. Ellison said yes.

A piccie of the ring, no other piccie counts today.


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