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Day 20 & 21 – As mad as cheese

Why cheese rather than any other comestible is difficult to fathom, and frankly, unusually, google is no help. However this is a good description of Paros on a Saturday morning. Eight ferries in an hour, the port mobbed with people and cases. A couple of officials with whistles (who knows how you can work out what or who they’re whistling at), and a chap in Bently shoes (he definitely doesn’t own a Bently) playing a clarinet for tips.

Our ferry, number 8 of the day, the Blue Star Patmos, was on time as we said our goodbyes to our chums Bill & Christine. They really are the best sailing chums you could have. You couldn’t find nicer people to share a holiday with (of course were blessed with other friends who we love as much some of whom may well be joining us sailing next year).

So here  I am writing my final blog on the rear deck watching Paros slip into the distance. Our holiday is not quite over as we have an extra day in Athens because of a change with or return flight. A day isn’t enough to see Athens of course but we’re meeting Nancy who will make sure we make the most of the day.

This was our third year of sailing in the Cyclades, starting from Paros so we could concentrate on the middle and Southern Cyclades, and especially the small cyclades islands.

We had a plan to linger more in places so we got to see more of the islands we visited. That was helped because we were storm bound twice and ended up staying for 3 days on Koufonisia and Sifnos.

In total we’ve done less islands and miles than previous years, and hired cars on Amorgos, Sifnos and Kimolos. The weather stopped us from going to Dhenoussa, Levika and Asti Palayia, which in a way is good because it gives us a reason to come back next year.

There has not been as much sailing as we would have liked. There never is, but the weather is the weather, its just the way it is. Our boat, Les Troyens was a good boat. We didn’t particularly like the layout below and i didn’t like the self tacking rig. But she was a lovely boat nonetheless.

Which islands did we like the best? We love them all of course, but three stand out. Amorgos, Sifnos and Kimolos. They’re islands that just keep giving, you almost run out of wows.

But probably the favourite of all is Kimolos, the island least touched by tourism and most ignored of all the Cyclades islands. Almost nowhere else in the world can you find desserted perfect beaches at the end of dirt track roads, boat house bays to rival Milos and the cutest little fishing village which should be mobbed by tourists but isn’t.

You can probably tell from the blog how impressed we are with the Cyclades. Wouldn’t surprise me if we’re back next year. If you get a chance, whether sailing our ferry hopping, don’t miss out.

I’ll sign of now I’ve just heard the announcement that the bar is open, well it would be rude not to.


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