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Day 2 & 3 – Sifnos

After two long days we’ve decided to stay for an extra day on Sifnos, one of our favourite islands on last year’s trip.

Day 2 was in the beautiful Kamares, a 35 mile journey past Serifos starting from Kithnos. Having checked the weather it looked like the best option was to sail south to the tip of Kithnos, hang a left along the top of Serifos, dropping down it’s East side to Sifnos. Didn’t work that way, the wind pushed us down the West side of Serifos which was about the same distance but we managed to sail pretty much all the way – and we sailed every point of sail!

On arrival at Kamares our chums, who had left earlier, called to say there was no space in the harbour so we anchored off in the bay in front of the town. We were quite pleased, it was so peaceful and special. Here’s the view from the back of our boat.

However anchoring does mean we had to launch the dinghy and wrestle the outboard from the back of the boat down the steps onto the swim platform then balancing on a wobbly dinghy before screwing it onto the dinghy transom (at the back of a dinghy). Loads of opportunity to drop the outboard to the bottom of the sea, will take piccies when we remember.

Day 3 was a 5 mile windless trip to Vathi anchored in the bay and dinner at probably the most charming taverna on a beach you’ll find anywhere. Run by Marinos who’s just a delight (had a beer earlier in the day, forgot my wallet Marinos said ‘no problem’). And doesn’t he look strangely like Dr Emmet Brown on Back to the future! The food was very Greek, came in completely random order!



For sailing chums, apart from Vathi being beautiful it is a very large protected bay. Great place to hole up if the weather turns. A couple more piccies of the bay, a yacht in across the entrance to the bay as the sun’s going down and Baby at anchor.

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