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Day 2, 3 and 4 – Port Banatyne, Tarbert and the First Mate nearly in the drink!

This blog entry is a catch up of a couple of days in Port Bannatyne and the same in Tarbert.  This is a sailing trip but to places we’ve never been to before so we want to stay to enjoy them for a bit hence lingering before moving on. 

But before that I should mention our arrival at Tarbert during which the First Mate nearly went in the drink.  The parking itself went swimmingly (so to speak), but what we didn’t know when Ellison jumped off to with the bow line was how wobbly the pontoon finger was.  There may well still be a possible career for Ellison on a high wire in a circus, either that or she was very determined not to get moist.  No video I’m afraid just a demonstration below of the wobbliness.

Back to day 2, 3 and 4.  Not much to report sailing from Port Bannatyne to Tarbert, no wind to sail and it was a very grey day.  To get to Tarbert we went round the top of Bute through the Kyles of Bute.  The scenery, even on a grey day, is pretty special.  We passed Colintraive, The Burnt Isles (very narrow but very well marked – wouldn’t have been like this in Greece!), Caladh Bay, Tighnabruaich and Kames Bay.  All delightful and if we had time worth lingering at.

Port Bannatyne and Tarbert are both delightful places.  Port Bannatyne is quiet, peaceful and a short walk to one of the nicest beaches in the UK – Ettrick Bay.  Tarbert is bigger and a proper fishing harbour.  It is beautiful and we would recommend a visit (although it is a bit of a bu**er to get to!).  We weren’t able to do the colourful houses and fishing boats justice on a very dull day, but it must be spectacular in the sun (we’re hoping for sun before we leave tomorrow).

So just some pictures to finish the blog off.   Ellison with a haul of seaglass, me looking even more feral, Ettrick Bay, Port Bannatyne and Tarbert.

The forecast today was pretty accurate, it’s now hammering it down although not as windy as predicted.  Tomorrow looks much better, although colder.  Assuming this doesn’t change we’re off to Lochranza on Arran.  Best do some passage planning.

More soon,


Post Note – Ellison suggested I mention where Tarbert is, it’s on the Western shore of the famous Loch Fyne.  Other than to eat fish in a restaurant we’ve never been to Loch Fyne before.

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