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Day 19 – Kolona, Kithnos

Our second time at the sand bar bay, our favourite anchorage on Kithnos and maybe in the whole of the Cyclades.   It is stunning.   The journey over from Loutra was uneventful, only 10 miles and no wind so motored all the way.  We anchored in the east side of the sand bar which was busier than we expected.  Fineas and Joy started to anchor but decided to go to the west side of the bar where it was less crowded and easier to find a spot to anchor. None of this was a problem except that we were now the wrong side of the sand bar for the G and T party.  No problem, the sand bar is only about 20 yards wide at its narrowest point so we dinghy’d to the beach and carried the dinghy across the bar to the west side of the bay.   Sorted.

I posted piccies of Kolona before so just two more, an evening view from the sand bar, you can just see Danae with the MKDONS flag on the far left and a view from the taverna at sunset.

So that was Kolona we had a lovely day and evening and a great meal with our chums on Fineas and Joy.  It was a bit sad as Bill and Christine have to return a day early for a wedding so this morning we had a final coffee with them before bidding them farewell.  I’ve sailed with Bill and Christine a few times but this was the first time for 4 years.   They are great friends and such fun.   Safe journey home and we’ll be sailing with again soon.

And then there were two,  Joy and Danae.


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