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Day 19 & 20 – Bashing northwards

With a continuing forecast of notherly winds (on the nose), it made sense to press on north. But given the distance back to the home port, who’s name will not be mentioned, is no more than about 65 miles, we decided on Kamares, 12 miles north on Sifnos. Kamares is a favourite juststop on a favourite island, however on arrival the quay was full.

A note for sailing chums Kamares will only take about 10 boats on the quay and we’ve noticed this year in the Cyclades there are more Cats. So if you want a spot on the quay you need to be in at lunch time.

So we anchored off and had a lovely afternoon and evening. The usual gin party and dinner ashore. Just one piccie Ellison took with her phone.

I mentioned before the problematic process of mounting the outboard onto the dinghy and promised some piccies. It’s like some odd kind of ‘from me to you to me’ dance. Here’s the piccies.

Yesterday in line with making our way north, we planned out next stop on Serifos with the possibility of bashing northwards, if it made sense, to Merikha on Kithnos. We stuck our noses into Lavidhou and after waiting 30 minutes for some one ahead of us who was having mooring issues, we pressed on. It was a bit bashy and bumpy but by the time we moored up we were glad we’d done it, makes the last two days much easier. We both executed perfect stern too parks, makes a change I hear you say!

Just two piccies. Another perfect sunset and two men on a moped towing a pony (they actually stopped to pose). Only in Greece!


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