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Day 18 – Platis Yialos

Platis Yialos was not our first choice after Paros, and reviews were not great, both from Google and the pilot guide. Talk of too much noise, and ‘a continuous row of buildings, many pottery workshops which can be off putting’. However when our first choice Faros had no mooring possibilities and a full anchorage, we had no choice but to carry on to to Platis Yialos.

When we arrived we were pleasantly surprised that the continuous row of buildings has been replaced by beach side tavernas and bars. The beach is very nice, maybe not quite as delightful as Vathi, but not as described. PiccieS of the bay below. So we ended up having one of the best meals so far in a taverna by the beach, the piccie below taken on a phone from our table, followed by watching the less than impressive England versus Tunisia game in a bar.

For sailing chums the harbour was also a surprise, now finished with laid lazy line moorings for at least 15 boats. See the piccie below. It also transpires that Platis Yialos is noisy during July and August and we could see how that could be the case, we could hear people taking in bars from the boat which was the other side of the bay from the beach. I assume there’s some kind of a natural amphitheatre effect.

Today started when was written by the sound of wind through the rigging, not the forecast, and from the North, exactly where we’re going. A quick check of the latest forecasts shows northerlies until Friday of anything from 10 to 20 knots, gusting another 5 on top.

No drama but is did mean we need to make miles north sooner rather than later to make sure we don’t end up with a long slog into the wind. Back to plotting and scheming, usually done on the main table below (chart table to small) with rudimentary equipment, as shown below.

So the plan is breakfast in the Chora, Apollonia, followed by an early afternoon exit 12 miles to the north of Sifnos to Kamares. The next day, weather permitting, an early start maybe to Serifos, or if conditions allow bash on to Kithnos.

Regretably this is all with the aim of an easy last day on Friday to the home port who’s name shall not be spoken,


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