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Day 18 & 19 - Agathonisi and my brother Nikos

Meet my brother Nikos, at least it feels like I could get mistaken for a local (it seems to be happening regularly) and Nikos could be mistaken for my brother.

But more about Nikos in a bit.

Yesterday we moved on from Arki to Agathonissi, the most North Eastern island of the Dodecanese, with a permanent population of just over 100, a harbour and two villages, Mikro Chrorio, un-inhabited and Megalo Chorio where the bulk of the island's people live. Whilst Agathonissi feels very remote, it isn't, it's very close to the much larger Agean island of Samos and pretty close to Turkey. Perhaps because of both (the proximity to Turkey and to Samos with it's refugee problems) there is a small but significant military presence on Agathonissi (a Coast Guard boat, a couple of RIBs with machine guns and a smattering of soldiers around the place). Despite this Agathonissi is beautiful and the perfect place to relax, so much so that as I'm writing this blog we've already made the decision to stay another night.

But what of Nikos? Well, after we arrived yesterday (side-too parking, no drama) we immediately went to a cafe in the harbour for light refreshments. Whilst sitting there we thought it would be nice to see the island and asked about hire cars or taxi's. Seriously, hire cars on a tiny island with a population of 100 and probably no more than a couple of dozen holiday apartments! No taxi's either. But as luck would have it Nikos was in the cafe and offered to take us anywhere we like. Ta very much we said, not really considering Nikos had anything other than a car. And here it is...

Girls accommodation...

And for the boys...

And a short video to bring the experience to life..

Truth be known there are few sights on Agathonissi other than the beauty and charm of the island itself, Megalo Chrorio is just where the people live, there is an un-finished archaeological museum, due to be finished in 2013 and which Nikos still has high hopes for, a fish farm and an un-inhabited fishing village. Nikos was also keen to show us where they stored water. Nikos is proud of his island and keen to big it up as much as he can, but he has no need, Agathonissi is a delightful paradise. A couple of piccies.

More soon,


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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jul 07, 2021

Thank you for my bedtime read. How lovely is Nikos, giving you your own personal tour! And I love the tour bus. It all looks so beautiful, the crystal blue sea is incredible with the back drop of sugar lump houses.

Loving hearing about your adventures 😁☀️😘

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