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Day 17 – Greek Island Transport and Boat Parking

Firstly, of course, there’s boats of all sizes, rowing boats (the Greeks favour rowing facing forwards), all manor of fishing boats from the smallest with cute little wheel houses to much bigger varieties.  And as we’ve seen before boats don’t have to be ridden on the water.

Then of course there’s ferries, many of which have featured in previous blogs.  But I don’t think I’ve shown the most common of all ferries and the life blood of small islands. It can literally pitch up to the smallest of harbours and pretty much drop the draw bridge on the beach.

Other types of transport much favoured include small tractors, mini motor bikes and 3 wheeled vehicles of various types, examples can be seen in the piccies below.

Then we come to the most common form of island transport the moped. A multi function vehicle that can be used to transport anything from a small child to fruit in a wicker basket and what looks like something in a wooden create (wicker basket and crate on the same moped).

Moving on to the second subject of this blog is mine and Bill’s favourite sport, whether partaking our judging, parking boats. The chap in the piccie below was attempting to anchor and long line ashore, which must be done in a specific order. One first anchors THEN you take the long line ashore. This chap was trying to do it in reverse order, imagine that! Needless to say he failed and gave up. Bill and I have him a 3 for endeavour.

Today we’ve moved on, anchored of in Vathi back on Sifnos. The view from my new office below.


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