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Day 15 – Finikas, Syros

Today was our longest journey so far, in total about 32 nautical miles about 2/3 of which was windless.   There were a couple of usual morning activities, firstly David and Harriet on Joy had a crossed anchor with their neighbour which took 15 mins or so to sort out.  What had happened was when his neighbour had arrived he had laid his anchor over David’s chain so when David pulled his anchor up the fluke of the anchor also pulled up his neighbours chain.   The solution is to slacken off his neighbours anchor so David could pull his anchor and his neighbours chain above the water line. You then put a line under the chain, securing both ends, then as David drops his anchor his neighbours chain stays put thus freeing him.  This all involves some phaffing and of course launching a dinghy, but all sorted with no real issues.  Secondly we then we had what looks like a near miss with a ferry.  It wasn’t really close, we saw him coming from a long way off and we were kind of pinned between the ferry and the north coast of Paros, so we stayed as close inshore as we could and then cut across his wake.   Not dangerous but a bumpy ride nonetheless 😊

The rest of the journey was uneventful,  and included a very pleasant sail for a couple of hours.  Mooring up in Finikas is pretty easy, loads of quay space, stern too with an anchor.  By the time we arrived it was give 5 so it was straight on to Fineas for a G and T, followed by a shower dinner in a taverna by the harbour.

Finikas looks like a pleasant little place although by the time we got up this morning it was grey skies and showers, followed by heavier rain 🙁, so not the best to judge anywhere by.   We will get a chance to know the place better as we’re off to Tinos tomorrow and back to Finikas Monday, partly because it’s a convenient point on the way to Kithnos and partly because strong winds are forecast for Tuesday and Finikas is pretty safe.

Just one pictures today, not the best day for taking pictures, but hopefully more sunny ones on Monday,


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