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Day 15 &16 – The Greek Island Rental Car

.So after being a tad storm bound we have moved to our new favourite island Kimolos. The journey between here and Sifnos was relaxing as was the parking. We’re along side with Bill and Christine rafted up. But more of parking techniques later.

I wanted to talk about rental cars today. On Greek islands, in our experience they are cheap and terrible in equal measures. Despite that they have real character.

We’ve hired two cars in two days, one on Sifnos and a second today on Kimolos.

On Sifnos we had the worst rental car in the history of rental cars.

Ah, sorry that’s not it, just a random car photographed at Kastro on Sifnos, I neglected to photograph our actual car. Our actual car was a broken Nissan Micra, it took 30 minutes to catalogue the dents and we had a 150 euro excess which was way more then the value if the car. But it served us well.

On Kimolos Bill managed to negotiate an upgrade for a reduced fee of 30 Euro. This car has working air conditioning, but…..

Back to parking. For Les Troyens, we ferry gluided in, Bill and Chritine did the same to raft up. We’ve got a variety of lines to hold us to the quay and springs (to stop the boats moving forwards and backwards). You can see a lampost in the second piccie we used to tie the stem line too until a man in uniform told us to remove it (coast guard). It’s now tied to a capstan about 20 yards away, as you can see, not terribly effective but hey ho we’re being blown on anyhow.


We’ve seen lots of Sifnos and Kimolos over the last two days, both islands are pretty special.  We had lunch at a tiny, sleepy fishing village at the end of dirt track called Ayios Yeoryios.  It felt like stepping back in time, especially the ceramic workshop.

Kastro on Sifnos, the piccie speaks for itself.

A church that could have been used for Mama Mia

Stunning desserted beaches on Kimolos.

And boat houses at Goupa.

Not sure where we’re of too tomorrow, might be time for anchoring in a bay.


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