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Day 14 – The Greek Harbour Master

Always our friend, but more of that in a bit.

A brief update, we’re now in Platis Gialos, another gorgeous spot and safe from a bit of a blow. Gusting today up to 35 mph, or well into a force 7 for those who prefer beaufourt, certainly enough to make us stay put.

Once the wind gets up noise can be a problem. There’s a fair bit of wind noise through the rigging and sea slapping against the hull of the boat. However the worst noise is halyards (The rope that pulls things up, like the sail) clanging against the mast.

Les Troyens has more halyards than we need so keeping them quiet takes some effort. A piccie of me working on variety of lines and knitting to do the job.

One more aside, today is father’s day and my thoughtful children gave me a present before we left. They found 3 tee shirts and couldn’t decide which to buy so bought them all. This is my favourite. Thanks for being the best children a pops could ever have.


Back to harbour master. They are an eclectic bunch. At Platis Gailos he rides a bike around the harbour and has a glorious outdoor office. The harbour master knows his harbour well generally has a smile and has your well being at heart. So when parking is worth listening too. Meet Pavlos.

We said goodbye to Nancy today, she’s making a long journey just to sample the best Pasticcio in Greece, her Mum’s.  We miss you already Nancy x


I leave you with a view of Platis Gialos, another Cyclades recommendation.


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