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Day 12 – Andy Pandy and the despicable channel

Well actually it’s Andiparos, and I think andi or anti just means against, so really it’s an island without a name, it just means island against Paros it’s bigger sibling.  And where we moored up is actually the Dhespotico channel, but we seemed to be struggling to say it so it amused me to call it the despicable channel.

Andiparos was only about 18 miles ish from Vathi on Sifnos, and there wasn’t a lot of wind, but we sailed pretty much all the way.  The bay is pretty big and unlike most in Greece shallow for a long way out, which means you could get a ton of boats in there.   Very pretty and very relaxing. No problems, anchored, launched son of Danae OK, had a splendid G and T party on Fineas, followed by dinner ashore in a taverna.

What really made the Despicable channel though was the sunset 😊😊


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