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Day 11 – Vathi, Sifnos

Wow that was a feisty sail!  Close hauled all the way (very tippy),  between 20 and 30 knots of wind, full sail to start, then reefs (make the sails smaller), then more reefs.  We touched just over 8 knots at one point, best sail so far, boat went like a rocket!

Anchored in Vathi bay, free swinging (not attached to the shore) in over 20 knots of mostly Katabatic wind (land wind you get with steep slopes and hot weather, kind of strong winds that roll down the slope in gusts).  We anchored in 6 meters, let out 35 metres of chain and let the wind set the anchor, 1500 rpm in reverse and the anchor is bar tort, that’ll do.   I always say in winds like this if your boat isn’t on the beach after 10 minutes, your anchors set!

The pilot book days Vathi is the most beautiful bay on Sifnos but we’d go further, it looks to us like one of the most beautiful places in the whole of Greece!

After we were all settled we got a vhf call from the self titled Commodore Bryden to invite us to dinner on their boat, which we were delighted to accept.   What a relaxing evening with chums, just what we needed, we were all pretty knackered after a hard days sail.  We were back on Danae by 10 and in asleep by 11.30 (early by GST (Greek sailing time) standards).

This morning we launched son of Danae, mounted the outboard, once again without dropping it to the sea bed and headed ashore for a bit of brekkie and a look around.  Honestly if you want a relaxing week in an idyllic spot, you couldn’t beat this.  A cheap flight to Athens, and there’s a fast ferry to Sifnos  just under two hours and you’re here!

We had breakfast on the beach a Tsikali, a delightful little taverna with tables on the beach, not sure life can get any better!

Just left at 11.45, another day another bay as they say and we’re off to Andy Pandy and the despicable channel, but more about that tomorrow.  Although might not get to post any of these until the day after when we should be in Naxos with WiFi again.


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