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Day 1 – This is not our boat

This monster is not our boat for 3 weeks, but the Blue Star Naxos is our ticket to Paros where we’re picking up Les Troyens.


Today has been a bit of a convoluted journey, but that just makes it a bit of an adventure, which we love. Our early start from Luton got us into Athens for 12.30, from where we got the X96 bus to the main port in Athens, Piraeus.

Now the X96 bus, that was an experience! Don’t think we’ve ever been on a bus that went that fast. We were in mortal fear most of the way. Given the combination of the speed, potholes and that it was a double size bendy bus we’re just grateful to have survived.

The Blue Star Naxos is not new to us, it’s nearly run us down a couple of times on previous holidays. It goes from Piraeus to Amorgos, first stop Paros, more specifically Paroikia with a clear mission to run down as many yachts add possible on the way. It’s 4 hours to get to Paros, hardly a chore, loads to do on the boat, an outdoor seat and views to die for.

Why start from Paros? Well this is our third year in the Cyclades and we wanted to start in the south as we’ve done the north a couple of times. Looking at the map below the rough plan is to go south west towards Amorgos, maybe stopping at Iraklia, then onto Astipalaya (actually in the Dodecanese). Then weather permitting we’ll make our way north and west ending up in Milos and surrounding islands. After that we’ll start making our way back to Paros. However the weather may, of course, have other ideas.

The perfect end to our first day was meeting our sailing chums, Bill and Christine and their son Neil. As its Paros it also ends with the best Gyros in Greece and a couple of wee sharpners (yes that does involve gin).


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