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Day 1 – Shorts and Flip Flops, you’re avin a larf!

What a day, who’d have thought sailing in Scotland would involve shorts and flip flops, but that’s what’s happened today – sunny and warm all day. Picking up Midnight Mirage went very smoothly, we were lucky she was back in on Thursday so was cleaned yesterday and we were all briefed up by noon. Meet Midnight Mirage.

We were concerned about the wind, it was blowing a Hoolie, when we arrived at Largs, nothing like the forecast, however it turns out it’s just Largs.  Apparently, so we were told, when there’s an Easterly the wind sweeps down the valley, bit like a Katabtic wind.  Reassured by that we set off as planned for the arduous journey to Bute – all of 8 miles.

I always feel at home as soon as I set foot on a boat and casting off on the first day is a very special thing. It’s like casting off the world and being free, nothing matters except us and the boat. I wonder if you can tell from the piccie below, 3 miles out of Largs.

All tucked up in Port Bannatyne as I write this. No drama parking, boat secure, dinner booked at the only restaurant in Port Bannatyne, and pink fizz to celebrate. Turns out the restaurant (The Caledonia) is un-licensed so we have to pick up a drink in the Anchor next door before going to eat, no bother, when in Rome…

Staying two nights on Bute so time to do a bit of exploring tomorrow, in the meantime I’ll leave you with a picture of the marina as we watch the sunset, without a cloud in the sky. Best make the most of it, don’t expect it will last!

More soon.


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