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Day 1 Lavrion

Lavrion, it turns out,  is quite a nice place.  You wouldn’t want to stay here for a week (not much to do), but it’s a great place to start a yachting holiday from.   So day 1 for us was all about getting up late, boat paperwork, boat briefing (where all the bits are and how they work, cos all boats are different), unpacking, meeting up with our new chums David and Harriet on boat 2, called Joy and shopping (gin, water etc).  In fact because we don’t know when the next reasonably sized supermarket will be avaliable, the shopping includes 24 2ltr bottles of water and 4 bottles of gin 😊😎🍹🍹🍹.

Of course we meet David and Harriet in a taverna for calamari, village sausage, chips and gin before shopping.

It’s now just gone 10 and our other chums Bill and Christine have arrived and will be on boat 3, Fenekas.  So it’s of to the taverna again fire dinner.

A couple of other points of note, here’s a picture of the floating camper van, with of course the MKDONS flag hoisted.  A second point, well actually a question for any of my Greek friends reading the blog, why is Lavrio sometimes called Lavrion?


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