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Day 1 & 2 – Gocek, Erkan, Mr Dim & Gobun Krali

I’m writing a blog entry whilst enjoying a coffee in the taverna at Kapi Creek. Although I’ve been here well in excess of 5 times I learnt yesterday evening whilst enjoying a lovely meal, at Taverna Gobun, with our lovely chums that the Turkish word for creek is Krali (the WiFi password is Gobun Krali). So I guess we should be calling Kapi Creek Kapi Krali.

But as usual I’m getting ahead of myself.

We arrived at Gocek late on Thursday at the Apart Otel owned by the Dim family. We can recommend Mr Dim’s, it’s a small clean Hotel, with the most delightful pool area. It’s quiet and relaxing but the best bit is the welcome you get from Mr and Mrs Dim, it’s as if you’re a personal family friend.

After a very late walk around Gocek (well past midnight) and a nightcap in a bar we slept in late on Friday. We had a very relaxing day in Gocek, mostly mooching, had a very pleasant lunch, saw the Portway base manager Erkan (we’re renting SusiJJ from Portway) to try to get the boat as early as possible the next day and Ellison and Rosie bought a couple of very reasonably priced frocks. That was a clue to Andy and myself that the shopping has begun! Friday evening we had a very nice meal at ‘Blue’, which we would thoroughly recommend, followed by a nightcap and a Shisha with the weirdest Hubble Bubble pipe we’ve ever seen(piccie below)!

Image by Mouchoir Photography

Saturday, after Breakfast at Mr Dim’s we arrived at the Marina just after 12 as suggested by Erkan, but we were a tad early, SusiJJ had yet to be cleaned. So we toddled off to the town to get an early lunch. We eventually got SusiJJ after 3, later than we’d hoped, but still in good time.

Just one disaster before we left, we’d transported the luggage on a 3 wheeled trolly with two heavy bags on the 3 wheeled end of the trolley. I took one bag off, the trolley was immediately and drastically unbalanced. You can imagine what happened next, the bag slid gracefully into the sea! I did learn something useful, the bag floats for at least 3 seconds giving me time to yank it out. No disaster, clothes in plastic bags so apart from the bag getting soaked no damage done. We left Gocek with a text book exit and managed a little sail on the way to Kapi Creek, which gave Andy helming opportunities under power and sail. The boy will definitely be a sailor by the end of the week. We had a very pleasant stroll to the top of the hill this morning to see the view over the peninsula and will probably set off pretty soon to allow a lunch stop on the way to Fethiye. A couple of pictures of Kapi and us at the viewing point below. More soon,

Image by Mouchoir Photography

Image by Mouchoir Photography

Image by Mouchoir Photography


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