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Day 0 – Plotting and scheming

Sitting at Heathrow waiting for our flight to Athens, sailing chums will know it’s never too soon for a bit of passage planning. So given we’ve got a bit of time that’s what we’ll do.

We know roughly where we WANT to go but with sailing that rarely matters, the weather will decide where we can ACTUALLY go.

So for 3 weeks we’ll be cruising around the Cyclades, which as I mentioned in the last post are a large group of islands, which, if you squint whilst looking at a map, are kind of in a circle. The prevailing winds in the Northern Agean are North Easterly and North Westerly in the Southern Agean. So roughly from the North through the Cyclades as the map below shows. Although as sailing chums know this rarely matters as prevailing winds only usually occur when you’re not there.

The big view of the 3 weeks is that we start at the top in Lavrion, heading south towards the famous Thira, better known as Santorini. Last year we took our time going south and didn’t have time for loads of islands at that end of the Cyclades. So this year we plan to zip south, meander enjoying beautiful places we missed last year then make our way north visiting the islands the wind permits. No doubt during our trip the famous Meltemi winds will show up so we always need to be thinking of bolt holes and safe harbours.

Now waiting to board the flight but with the wonders of technology have downloaded the latest grib file piccie below. Those of you who are returning blog readers you might remember the pointy end of the arrow is pointing to where the wind is blowing to, the barbs are 10 knots or 5 knots. The plan tomorrow is too go Kolona on Kithnos to meet our chums, 25 nautical miles, ish, which should be a down wind sail, broad reach (120 degrees off the wind). Should whistle down there like a tea tray down a ski slope. Of course the weather won’t actually be like that!

On the plane now, Woo Hoo! Bit abstract but we’re just wondering what everybody else’s itinerary is? More later from Lavrion.


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